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Bringing leads to the palm of your hand!

Agent Assist gives you the best, fastest and most effective way to prospect potential leads. Select leads suited to your skills, work their status, record activities, company information and plan your day – everything at the tap of a button!

  • map and list views

    Map list views

  • record your activities

    Record activities

  • plan your days activities

    Plan your day

  • review your work

    Review your work

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Features of Agent Assist

  • Claiming leads

    Agent Assist gives you access to a master list of leads, shared with colleagues in your territory. Search the list as is or use filters to refine. Claim leads to work them.

  • Lead map view

    Explore your business leads in map or list view. Quickly view a lead status based on its icon status. Use quick action swipe to record activities or plan route.

  • Lead details

    Access detailed information about your lead with one tap access. See vitals such as address and number of employees, all at a glance.

  • Record activities

    Update your lead activities by recording calls, drops and meetings. Save time by dictating your notes. Update future activites as you work your lead.

  • Plan your day

    Future recorded activities are added to your daily plan to give you a quick view of your day in a list or on a map.

  • Dashboard

    Review your lead activities and statuses in dynamic graph views. View historical data to see how you are performing week on week.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I get the App on my iOS?

You can do this by visiting the Agent Assist website in Colonial Life Members Services. Use your Propr username and password to log in. Then on the bottom left click the Settings section. Scroll down to the ‘Download app’ section of the page and click the ‘Generate link’ button.

This will generate a QR code that you can scan with you iOS device – open the camera and point it at the screen. A prompt will show to open the link, accept this. The App Store will open. You may need to enter your Apple ID to continue. The Agent Assist app will then begin to download to your device.

What is a QR code and how do I scan a one?

A QR code consists of black squares and dots. It contains a unique link to download the app. Opening your smartphone camera and pointing it at the code will activate the link.

The Agent Assist QR code, once scanned will bring you to a part of the Apple App store. Here is where your app will begin to download to your device.

Can more than one person use this code?

No. Once generated the code is unique to you. If you are having issues activating the code please contact us. Send an email to us at We'll be in touch as soon as we can.

My code isn't working

You need the following to download your new app:

  • A working internet connection.
  • Enough internal memory on your device to fit your new app.
  • Ensure the QR code has not already been used to download the app by someone else. Remember, your code is unique. Make sure it is your account that you are reading the QR code from.

If you are still having issues please let us know. Send an email to

Please remember that this code is for Apple users only. If you are an Android user you can download your Agent Assist app by using the Get it on Android button.

Why do I have to delete my old app?

Updates to Agent Assist are no longer possible on the old app. To receive new updates and features you will need to install the new Agent Assist app. We recommend you delete the old app to avoid confusion.

How do I delete my old app?

First find the old app icon. This is the blue app icon with the white logo. Tap and hold the app icon. All the icons will jiggle and an 'x' will appear on the upper corner of the app. Tap this to delete the app.

Some iPhones will, once you hold the app icon, give you options to delete app from a menu. Selecting this will also delete your app.

Which app do I delete after I have installed the new one?

The most recent Agent Assist app has a new look. It is a white app icon with the blue logo on it. The old app that you need to delete is the blue app icon with white logo.

If you happen to delete the wrong app you will be able to re-download it from the app store on your device. Open the app store on your device and go to the account section. Here you will see all the apps you have ever downloaded. Select the new Agent Assist app (white icon) and download again to your device.

Will I lose my existing information?

No. Deleting your old app will not result in any loss of information. Secure Colonial Life servers store your data. This means that wherever you log in you should see all your activity.

My camera is not working

To troubleshoot issues with your device camera please review Apple support documents here.

There are other ways to download your new Agent Assist app. If you open the old Agent Assist app you will see a Get iOS app button. This will allow you to download your new app.

You can also contact us on and we can help you with this.

I have a new device, how do I get the AA app again?

It can be simple to transfer all your data to your new device. Check out Apple's guide to transferring your data from one device to another here.

You can also download again through the App Store. Open the App Store on your new device and go to your account section by tapping on your picture top right. Then tap Purchased > My Purchases. Here you can see all the apps you have ever downloaded. Select the new Agent Assist app (white icon) and tap to download to your new device.

How do I download the app on my iPad?

Open the App Store on your iPad and go to your account section by tapping on your picture top right. Then tap Purchased > My Purchases. Here you can see all the apps you have ever downloaded. Select the new Agent Assist app (white icon) and tap to download to your new device.

How do I claim leads?

Select the leads (silhouette) icon at the top right-hand corner of the Leads page. This takes you to the Claim Leads page, where you can claim available leads and save them to your Leads list. You also have the ability to filter by location, zip code, industry, employee size and location type. The lead listing will also let you know if a lead has previously been worked by you or a colleague.

Can multiple people work the same lead?

No. This feature, which will allow you to share leads with a colleague is coming in early 2020.

How are leads ordered in the my Leads view?

By default, your leads are ordered by distance from your current location. However, you can change the order by adjusting Show Leads option within the filter.

How do I change my filters to view leads in a different location?

In the filter options, change the Location setting to Custom Location. Then move the icon across the map to your desired location. You may also select the distance in Show Leads to return a list of leads in your custom location plus many other filter options. To search leads by zip code, simply type in the required zip in the text search.

How do I know what stage a lead is at in the pipeline?

Each lead is represented by an activity status icon, as well as a progress bar on the Lead Details page. The status icon will change when certain activities are completed.

What do the different icons stand for?

The icons correspond with a Leads activity stage - New Lead, Qualified, DM Appointment 1, DM Appointment 2, Enrolled. A red alert icon will appear when an action is needed.

How can I sort / filter my leads?

Select the filter in the search bar on your Leads list. From here, you can choose to filter your leads by any combination of lead status, next scheduled activity, industry type, or employee size. You can also filter your leads by location.

How do I remove leads I have claimed?

First, open the Lead Details page and select Abandon Lead towards the bottom of the page. Then, select a reason for abandoning the lead. Once completed the lead is removed from your list and returned to the Claim Leads list.

My lead has disappeared from my Leads list, where has it gone?

The lead has most likely expired due to inactivity and will need to be reclaimed, if still available. You can do this by searching the Claim Leads or checking your expired leads on the dashboard. Please also check that you have no filters applied to your list.

Can I add my own leads?

Yes. Select the + icon at the top right-hand side of the Leads page. Add the business name and zip of the lead or use the business card scanner to speed up this process. New leads will firstly be checked against the database listing and CL accounts. If it does not exist you can then continue and save the new lead to your Leads list.

How do I sync my activities with my calendar?

Click on Settings from the Dashboard and enable Calendar Sync by sliding the toggle. Once Calendar Sync is complete, your personal appointments will appear in the Agent Assist app and vice versa.

Can I cancel an activity that I had scheduled?

Yes. Select the scheduled activity and change the result to Canceled. The scheduled activity will be updated in the Daily Plan and the lead’s Activity History to reflect cancellation.

What about recording an activity to multiple leads at once?

With the batch record functionality you can now multiselect your leads to complete or schedule a call or drop activity with a couple of clicks! Simply go to My Leads, hit the Batch icon beside the search box, select the required leads and add the activity details.

Can I link my activities with multiple contacts on a lead?

Currently, an activity can only be recorded to a single contact.

Can I assign activities to my colleagues?

This feature is not currently available, but it is scheduled to be included in a later release.

How do I add a new contact to my leads?

To add a new contact, select Add a New Contact in the Lead Details page. Include the relevant information and click Save. With the business card scanner you can quickly add a new contact to an existing lead at the click of a camera.

How do I turn on geolocation?

During your initial login, you will be asked to allow geolocation. It is important to enable this for the app to function properly. You may need to delete and reinstall the app if you are facing issues with geolocation.

The app isn’t updating to my current location when I search for leads?

You may need to review location settings on your device. Depending on your device it is normally stored in Location Services on iOS and Security & Location on Android. If the issue persists, delete the app and reinstall. Be sure to enable geolocation when prompted.

How long do I have to work a lead to the next stage of the pipeline?

The default settings for lead progression are:
New Lead – Qualified: 3 days
Qualified – DM Appt 1: 7 days
DM Appt 1 – DM Appt 2: 10 days
DM Appt 2 – Enrolled: 30 days

If you progress a lead to the next stage before a deadline, any remaining days are credited to the new stage.

Note: Your territory manager can change these settings, if required.

You can review the expiration times set for your territory by going to Dashboard and tapping on the Settings icon top right.

How do I move the lead through the various pipeline stages?

You must record activity in order for a Lead to progress forward. This can be done by scheduling and completing an activity in the Lead Details page.

For example, recording an activity where you spoke or met with someone at the lead automatically qualifies the lead. Setting a meeting with type DM 1 or DM2 moves the lead to that status. Completing a scheduled enrolment meeting sets the lead to Enrolled.

How do I know when my lead is about to expire?

The Lead will be shown with a red alert icon, informing you that it will expire by the stated time (normally 2-3 days).
Note: A lead progresses when a relevant activity is recorded (i.e. setting a DM 1 appointment moves the status to DM Appt 1).

Can I see where I need to travel today?

With the new travelling day feature you can see all your drops and appointments in map view. You can also select to see all your leads and accounts in the area to maximize your time on the road.

My existing accounts - can I manage these?

Yes! In the accounts section, just click on an account to view its details. You can then schedule an activity - calls, drops or meetings, which also get added to your Daily Plan. You’ll never forget to reach out to your clients again.

My team, how can I help and manage them?

As a manager you can now assign leads to any of your team members. Just visit the Claim Leads page and select an agent to assign leads to. You can also manage their existing leads. In you Settings page, click on Manage My Team and select the agent to manage their leads. You can then reassign any lead to another team member or abandon if it does not suit.